Career Opportunities

Business (R&D) & Project Development Unit

    1. Marketing and Public Relations Assistant Manager / Manager
  1. Responsibilities
    1. To be responsible in planning and implementing effective PR events, ensuring maximum media coverage and exposure.
    2. To cultivate and sustain good press relations.
    3. To update the Management on all competitors' advertising and PR activities.
    4. Plan, strategize and implement effective external communication efforts for the site to deliver the messages as identified by the management.
    5. Create a well-informed workforce environment through the use of various communications media.
    6. This will include e-mail announcements to all employees, bulletin board news, newsletters or new flyers, and other creative methods.
    7. Plan & manage specific activities to promote closer relationship and dialogue between the Company and community.
    8. Internet website updates including producing the annual In Brief sustainability report.
    9. Evaluate contributions and sponsorship requests for management approval.
    10. Update the Crisis Communication Manual periodically and prepare press releases and standy statements as and when needed.
    11. Negotiating & handling Sponsorship enquires for PR purpose.
  2. Requirements
    1. Good communication skills. Confidence in presentation.
    2. Able to work independently and posses a high level of responsibility and commitment.
    3. At least 3 years of working experience in employee communications, public relations and/or marketing communications.
    4. Strong writing and verbal communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia for speech writing and newsletter articles.
    5. Able to write press releases and standby statements.
    6. Excellent event management and people skills.
    7. Able to work under preassure and meet tight deadlines.